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Heartland GPS

GPS program at RASStudents at Heartland Community College are successfully navigating their career, college and life journeys with Heartland GPS: Guided Path to Success.

Heartland GPS is a network of intentional supports embedded throughout the College to foster student success at every level. Partnerships are key to the overall Heartland GPS mission. Faculty and staff make it a point to personally connect with HCC students. They answer questions, applaud students’ many successes, guide them to essential support services and help them overcome barriers at key points in their journeys. The Heartland GPS model also includes:

  • Pre-college high school partnerships

    Offering support before a student even registers at HCC is central to the Heartland GPS effort. Information is provided to local high school students and their families through workshops on topics that prepare learners for college success. High school students can also earn college credit at HCC while still in high school through HCC’s dual-credit program. This same approach is being developed for use with other external agencies.

  • Career planning, academic, and personal talent development

    Once students are enrolled, faculty and staff members assist them in finding and developing their personal talents and learning to connect their skills to specific career paths. Students also benefit from one-on-one and small group tutoring, counseling, and disability support. Career Services assists students as they investigate career options, explore job shadowing or internship opportunities, develop a resume or prepare to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year institution. Throughout, a team of advisors works to support students’ development of a tangible career path, goals, and plans to achieve. Advisors also engage with students specifically in long-range academic planning and transfer to a variety of universities upon completion of HCC degrees.

Students benefit from Heartland GPS in several other ways as well. First, they can strengthen self-management and goal-setting techniques. They’ll also have support developing a personalized success plan for before, during and after their time at Heartland. Embedding these strategies early ensures Heartland students have the tools to build rewarding careers and maximize their lifelong learning opportunities. While we are far from being “finished” with developing our GPS effort, we have made considerable strides to help students become more successful with embedded life skills training throughout their HCC experience.

For more information about Heartland GPS at RAS contact, Bryan Kendall
bkendall@rasblm.org, RAS Principal.

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