I-SCORE Routine

I-SCORE Routine

{Based upon a 16 week semester. Individual student needs may effect timeline.}

Week 1

1.Student attends on campus to meet with teacher.
2.Academic course needs are identified.
3.Student and teacher determine initial course (High interest course).
4.Predicated upon individual needs, a Student Success Plan is developed.
5.Direct instruction is practiced, student learns the nuances of how to work within an online course.
6.Students are given independent practice time to ensure they are proficient in working in an online environment.

Week 2-15
-At predetermined times students log in daily to check in with their teacher.
-Teachers are available to give individual support.
Students complete assigned coursework and ask questions as needed.
-Students can access classes 24/7, but are expected to be actively engage for a traditional school day of 5 hours per day.
-Students work on one class at a time with a schedule of completing one semester class per every 2.6 weeks.
-As students complete courses, teacher and student will determine which course to start on next.
-Based upon individual student’s needs, students may be required to come to campus for direct support and instruction. (Most students on average are on campus 10% of the week.)

Week 16

-Students present to teachers and their home school a report on their progress
-The team determines the following semester’s placement.