RAS Collaborative Online Curriculum

RAS Collaborative Online Curriculum

Through the support of the United Way of McLean County, the Regional Alternative School of the Regional Office of Education #17 is proud to offer access to schools and teachers our free Collaborative Online Classes. These classes have all been developed by teachers throughout DeWitt, Livingston, Logan and McLean Counties.

Classes meet all the appropriate standards for the new Illinois Learning Standards, Including Common Core, and C3. Classes can be completed by students independently with teacher support, or used by the classroom teacher as a unit guide and resource.

Up to 50 people can view our courses on our Moodle Cloud, or you can download our files and place on your Moodle server to give students and teachers full access to Moodle functionality including editing capability.

Visit https://ras.moodlecloud.com/ to browse our online Curriculum.

The following courses are available for download-Instructions for download can be found here.

If you would like to edit any of these Moodle courses, click the course titles below to download onto your Moodle enabled server. If you do not have a Moodle enabled server you can get up to 50 licenses for free at www.moodlecloud.com.

Early US History-Early US History focuses on the events that led up to, the formation and early challenges of the United States.

Modern US History-Modern US History focuses on the period of Reconstruction through the end of WW2. This is the “middle” portion of the three semesters of US History.

Contemporary US Issues-This class will cover major events that helped shape the United States from Cold War through present day.

Civics/Government-The Civics/Government course focuses on the basic components of government in the United States as well as civic responsibilities and opportunities for individuals in American society. Completion of this unit meets the Illinois state mandate addressing the U.S. Constitution.

Materials create by Glen Hoffmann, Dr Monica Noraian, Chad Kuehnl, Tracy Freeman, Darren Hess, Kimberly Hoss, Jeffery Porter, Cassie Sadilek, Catherine Unsbee, and Brian Hartlaub representing The Regional Alternative School, Illinois State University, McLean County Unit 5, Heyworth High School, and Pontiac High School. The funding for this project was by United Way of McLean County and supported by Regional Office of Education #17 and the Regional Alternative School.

Additional Courses available by request.

  • 7th Grade Common Core Math
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 1A
  • 7th Grade Life Science
  • 7th Grade Language Arts
  • British Literature
  • Advanced Literature and Composition
  • Introduction to English Literature and Composition
  • American Literature
  • Foundations and Applications of Research and Communication