Single Credit/Virtual High School

Single Credit/ Virtual High School

The Single Credit & Virtual High School

The Single Credit & Virtual High School program is designed to assist students who need additional credits to graduate from High School. It is generally for students who need one or two courses per semester to maintain their Junior or Senior status. However, sophomores and freshman can be admitted if space is available. Each section is limited to approximately 30 students (15 Single Credit & 15 Virtual) to allow for individualized attention. Students must be in grades 9 through 12 and currently enrolled in their Home School District. Sessions are held from 4:15 to 6PM on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Single Credit (Math)

– The math courses are taught in a traditional classroom educational style. Instruction is teacher lead. Daily assignments are given. All assignments are expected to be finished during class time, as homework is not given.

Virtual High

- The virtual catalog offers a larger scope of academic course work including Literature, Social Studies, Science and other extracurricular courses. These classes are offered completely on-line. Students interested in an on-line course should have internet access outside of scheduled class time. There is little direct instruction from the teachers. However, teachers affiliated with the virtual program are available during the sessions to help with student needs. Teachers make the effort to be available during the day and evening to assist with work as needed. Students must be self-motivated, as they need to complete all assignments as the course dictates. Students should plan to designate out of school worktime for themselves especially when attempting multiple on-line courses per semester in order to be successful.

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Chad Kuehnl


Chad Kuehnl: Soc. Studies & Extracurriciular –

Theo Eddins: Literature & Science –

Mary Gura: Math –

Tech Support- Virtual Courses

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